H33t Is Finally Back Online on New Domain

The H33t domain has been on hold for close to two months

Torrent site H33t has finally come back online after more than two months of downtime. The H33t.to domain has officially started working.

An announcement posted on the new domain informed users that the site was active starting with October 16, but that everything would be back to normal in a couple of days.

Obviously, it took a lot more than the two days the owner promised to update to the latest DNS, but the bottom line is that users can finally access the site once more.

H33t lost its .COM domain back in September and quickly made a move to a .EU one only a few days later. By the time September was done, the European domain stopped working as well.

So, the site’s owners decided to move to the domain of the island of Tonga, in the Pacific Ocean.

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