Guy Recreates Other People's Facebook Profile Photos, Freaks Everyone Out − Prank

His sense of humor wasn't appreciated by the people he targeted

One man's "funny" is another's "creepy." One Facebook user, that is to say one internet using human, got the imaginative idea of recreating the profile photos of people that shared his name.

Ryan Roy, and then try to friend them. That actually sounds funny, or at least interesting from the outside.

It wasn't very funny to those targeted though, as Roy himself admitted in the Reddit thread where he revealed his exploits.

"None of them really got it, they just got really creeped out and changed their profile pic immediately," he said.

He went on like this for a while, but it seems his sense of humor wasn't appreciated. This happened a few years ago and he hadn't discovered Reddit yet. Now that he's unloaded some of the screenshots on Reddit, they've gotten quite a lot of attention.


Some of his victims (3 Images)

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