Grooveshark Anywhere, with Mobile Access, Is Now Only $5 (€3.85)

The music streaming service is cheaper than it's ever been

In keeping with the season, Grooveshark is getting a discount. Unlike Black Friday sales though, the Grooveshark discount is permanent.

The music streaming service is now only $5, €3.85 a month for the whole shebang, web and mobile access. It's $50, €38.5 per year if you choose to pay yearly.

There are also only two tiers now, the free version that is Grooveshark as it has always been, and the new Anywhere tier that gets rid of the ads in the web version of the site and enables subscribers access to the mobile apps.

This makes Grooveshark half as expensive as Spotify and all the similar music-streaming services. There are a few important differences.

For one, Spotify and everyone else licenses its music and this license takes up the vast majority of revenue. Grooveshark doesn't pay anything directly to the labels.

Second, there are no official Grooveshark apps in either the App Store or Google Play. You'll have to install the app by yourself on Android devices and you'll need to jailbreak your iPhone if you want it.

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