Greenwald: Snowden Gave Me About 20,000 Secret US Files

It seems that there are many more articles to publish

It looks like Snowden really doesn’t have any more documents to leak since Glenn Greenwald says he has 20,000 secret US government files.

Of course, it was previously known that Greenwald had a few thousand documents from Snowden, but the new number is astonishing.

The announcement was made during Greenwald’s testimony in front of the Brazilian government on Tuesday, RT reports.

“I did not to an exact count, but he gave me 15,000, 20,000 documents. Very, very complete and very long,” Greenwald said. “The stories we have published are a small portion. There will certainly be more revelations on the espionage activities of the US government and allied governments… on how they have penetrated the communications systems of Brazil and Latin America,” he said.

Glenn Greenwald is one of the journalists who published information about the NSA spying programs after being contacted by Edward Snowden. He works for The Guardian and for the Brazilian publication O Globo.

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