Google60 Lets Search via a 60s IBM Mainframe Complete with Punch Card and Tape Storage - Gallery

If you ever wanted your searches to take a couple of minutes, this is your dream come true

Google60 sounds like an endurance race, but it's actually a very clever app that reimagines search as a service from the 60s running on IBM mainframes. Obviously, you're not going to use this for any practical searches, but it's a great way of interacting with (replicas of) machines created before most of us were even born.

You start by entering your query, waiting for the machine to process your input, and then select from three modes: web search, image search and news search.

After that, Google60 has to go sifting through its tape storage devices to find what you're looking for. That is, unless there are too many other people trying to do the same, in which case you get a Google Search API quota error, even that rendered lovingly on the tractor feed paper.

This last "feature" wasn't designed as a recreation of the experience of working with the 60s machines, but it ends being that anyway.

When it does work though, it spits out the first 8 search results for whatever you entered excruciatingly slow. Still, designer and developer Norbert Landsteiner's creation is plenty of fun.


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