Google to Shut Down Alfred Recommendations App

The company is getting rid of another unwanted product

Google didn't make much of a fuss about shutting down Lattitude, though most people probably didn't even notice it was gone from the latest update to Google Maps for Android.

But it's not done shutting down products you've never even heard of; the company has announced that it will stop supporting the Alfred local recommendations app.

The app came with the acquisition of The Clever Sense back in December 2011, so the only surprising thing is that Google kept it running for so long.

Still, the few users who still had the app found out about the closure just days before it's happening, via a notification in the app itself.

Initially, Google had planned to keep the app running "for the foreseaable future." So now we know that the foreseeable future only lasts about a year and a half at the company.

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