Google to Roll Out Free WiFi over Entire NY Chelsea Neighborhood

Google's free WiFi coverage continues to expand with the biggest addition yet

Google isn't becoming an ISP, yet, but it is more interested in bringing internet to people, especially in circumstances where most people don't already have access. This is where its free WiFi scheme comes in. The company has been working on rolling out free WiFi areas across the US.

In the latest such move, Google will unveil a free WiFi network covering the entire Chelsea neighborhood in New York.

The neighborhood is home to plenty of tech firms, including Google, so it's a natural target for such a wide roll-out. There's no official announcement yet, but it should be coming any minute now. It's official now.

It will be the first neighborhood in New York to get full coverage and it's the biggest area covered by a Google-sponsored WiFi network.

Google has partnered with WiFi internet provider Boingo to bring free internet to malls, airports and thousands of other locations like this.

"Google is proud to provide free WiFi in the neighborhood we have called home for over 6 years. This network will not only be a resource for the 2000+ residents of the Fulton Houses, it will also serve the 5,000+ student population of Chelsea as well as the hundreds of workers, retail customers and tourists who visit our neighborhood every day," Ben Fried, Google's Chief Information Officer, said.

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