Google to Move Its Barge Next Week

The barge will be leaving Treasure Island and go towards Stockton, California

It’s official – Google’s barge is moving away from Treasure Island and heading over to Stockton, California.

According to CNET, the move was confirmed by Mirian Saez, head of Island operations for the Treasure Island Development Authority. She said that Bay Ship & Yacht, the company that subleased the pier to Google, told her the barge project would be moving out soon.

Previously, it was known that the Google barge was to leave the Treasure Island pier within a month, as weather permitted, but it looks like it will take place next week.

While CNET claims that the project is being moved to Stockton, it couldn’t confirm the detail with the port director who claims to not have been in contact with Google.

Once more, Google did not share any details on the barge, as it preferred to keep mum on the topic in the past months.

One of the few times it addressed the barge issue was to clarify the fact that the floating construction wouldn’t end up as a new meeting place or as a party location. Instead, Google said, the project was meant to host a showroom where Google X products and concepts were going to be displayed. That includes Google Glass, driverless cars and many more.

Despite its intentions, Google has more or less abandoned the barge in the past months, as reports indicate that it has been sitting idle and unfinished since October.

This may have been due to the investigation that the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission conducted, which ended in a statement from the organization saying that Google had to get a permit to finish construction.

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