Google to Host First Project Glass Hackathons the First Chance to See It Live

Project Glass is still nowhere near completion, but Google wants people working on it

Google Glass may still be a long way from going mainstream, or even being available to buy by regular folks, but Google is making some progress in moving the device and the idea forward.

The company has invited some of those that put their names down for a developer edition pair to the first ever event centered around Glass.

In fact, Google is hosting a couple of events, basically hackathons, with developers in San Francisco and New York. It's a very select affair, only developers in the Explorer Program will be invited.

Google made it possible for developers to order a pair of Glass glasses at last year's Google I/O conference, but the device isn't shipping yet.

So for the vast majority of these developers, this will be the first time they get their hands (or heads) on the device. Google plans to get them working with the Google Mirror API. This is the first time Google mentions the API by name.

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