Google to Get Sanctioned by French Privacy Watchdog

The company failed to comply to an order and now faces fines

Google got slammed by French authorities with a formal sanction for privacy violations.

No, the issue isn’t related to the NSA spying, but rather with Google avoiding to implement a three-month-old order to change the treatment of French users’ data.

Since the company missed the Friday deadline, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertes, the local privacy watchdog, will begin its formal procedure for imposing sanctions.

The order was contested by Google, as the company argued local data-protection laws didn’t apply to Google services used by residents of France.

Similar investigations are also underway in other countries in Europe, including Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, which could lead to more sanctions and fines to the Internet giant with headquarters in the United States of America. The company could have to pay billions of Euros if it doesn’t comply.

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