Google's Thanksgiving Balloons and Bing's Traditional Lamb

Bing and Google are doing something special for Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving in the US, which means two things – one, people there don't have to work today, unlike the rest of the world, and two, celebratory holiday doodles.

Google isn't skipping this occasion, though this year's doodle is on the tame side, just a static image showing a parade.

The large balloons in the parade make up the Google letters, as is tradition. Last year, Google had an interactive doodle that enabled users to create their very own custom turkeys and share their creation with friends over Google+.

This year, Google is dialing it down a bit. You can check out all of the Thanksgiving doodles Google ever had.

As a bit of trivia, the Thanksgiving doodle from 1998 is the first ever doodle dedicated to a special event.

Google is not the only one doing something special for Thanksgiving; Bing has a dedicated image as well, a cute one at that, a lamb giving a turkey a kiss.

A goodbye kiss presumably, since it doesn't look like any of the turkeys that Obama saved from death by tradition.


Google and Bing's Thanksgiving images (2 Images)

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