Google's Spotify Killer Is Coming to the iPhone in a Few Weeks

Google has officially confirmed that an iOS app for the streaming service is coming

As expected, Google is bringing its music streaming service, the new All Access, to iOS devices soon. Google Play Music "All Access" was unveiled at I/O and it was available from the get-go, but only to a few users.

At launch, the service was accessible on the web and via the Android Play Music app. iPhone and iPad users had been left out.

Google is planning an iOS app though which it will offer access to the streaming service, alongside the existing music locker service, the standard Google Play Music.

The new app is expected to land within a few weeks, as Android Chief Sundar Pichai himself announced in the on-stage interview at the D: All things Digital conference.

All Access isn't lacking in competition, as there's Spotify and Rdio in the US, and Deezer elsewhere. Apple too is said to be working on a somewhat similar service, though more akin to Pandora than to Spotify.

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