Google's Sergey Brin Split from His Wife to Date Hugo Barra's Former Girlfriend

Brin is not technically divorced, but the move won't affect Google financially

Android's Hugo Barra has announced that he was leaving Google for Xiaomi. The mobile OS unit has been losing some people at the top recently, notably Android founder Andy Rubin, so the move isn't that surprising.

Almost exactly at the same time, it was revealed that Google founder Sergey Brin is now separated from his wife Anne Wojcicki, cofounder of the gene profiling startup 23andMe.

That may seem like an unrelated coincidence, but it has been reported that Brin is now dating the 26-year-old marketing manager of Google Glass who was previously dating Barra.

The Android VP’s departure though is said to be unrelated to the events. Brin, of course, has spearheaded the Glass project, though he doesn't directly oversee the marketing department.

While the love lives of Google execs are their own business, these things tend to affect a company's actual business. Brin and Wojcicki had a prenup agreement and aren't technically divorced anyway, so the split won't affect Brin's ownership of Google.

In fact, the two say they continue to work on the many charities and projects they've done together so far.

The two are among the biggest philanthropists in the US, having given away a couple hundred millions of dollars in 2012 alone. Wojcicki's sister Susan is a top executive at Google and runs the advertising and commerce unit.

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