Google's Schmidt Arrives in North Korea, Despite US' Disapproval

Schmidt has been more interested in foreign affairs lately

Former Google CEO didn't waste much time and he is already in North Korea after making his plans to visit the country known only last week.

While the US State Department isn't all that thrilled about the visit, particularly in light of the new tensions ignited by the recent rocket launch, Schmidt didn't seem to have much reservations about it.

Schmidt is joined by, or rather is following former New Mexico governor and former UN ambassador Bill Richardson in a "private humanitarian mission."

There's no official mission or goal to the trip, at least not publicly, he's there representing himself not Google or the US in any fashion.

Schmidt has been more interested in politics and international affairs than in business since he left his position as CEO. Whether it was by choice or not is another matter.

But it's clear that his role at Google is small. He meets with governments and regulators, is the public face of Google on some occasions, like meeting Stephen Colbert, and little else.

He won't stick around for long at Google and he's likely eyeing a career in foreign affairs, in which case a trip to North Korea should prove a valuable experience.

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