Google's Satellite Exec Leaves the Company

Greg Wyler has left the company just months after joining it

Google’s side projects have grown quite a lot in recent years, including the effort to offer Internet to the world straight from satellites orbiting the Earth. Well, the company has lost Greg Wyler, one of the leaders of the team working on the project.

Wyler has reportedly left the company abruptly, The Information reports, although the reasons behind his departure are not clear. Sources indicate, however, that he’s been visiting the SpaceX offices quite a bit.

The exec had not been with Google for a very long time, with just a few months passing since his hiring. Wyler is the founder of O3b Networks, a company that is developing new ways to bring Internet access to developing countries, something that Google has been working on for a while.

Alongside Brian Holz, chief technology officer at O3b, Wyler joined Google earlier this year. He had between 10 and 20 people reporting to him, as the Wall Street Journal indicates.

Google has been working for years on developing new ways to bring Internet to remote locations. Project Loon is one example of how the company plans to achieve this feat, as it puts balloons into the air and creates a network out of them, which can then provide Wi-Fi access to people.

A few months ago, it came to light that Google was also hoping to put satellites in orbit with the same purpose. Buying ConnectivityLab, which builds satellites and drones that can be used to beam Wi-Fi, confirmed the news.

Google has not addressed the departure of Greg Wyler.

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