Google's SPDY Apache Module Is Now Stable and Ready to Use

A lot more websites will be able to support the enhanced protocol

While HTTP 2.0 is still far off, browser makers are continuing to improve support for SPDY which seems poised to serve as the basis for the next-generation protocol. Google Chrome and more recently Firefox support SPDY and so does the Android browser.

But that doesn't mean much if there aren't that many websites running SPDY as well. Google supports it for its HTTPS-enabled sites, more recently Twitter has done the same. Those are large sites, but it's a drop in the bucket.

Hopefully though, with the launch of the new, stable mod_spdy Apache module, a lot more sites will be able to add support for SPDY quite easily without too much hassle. Any site that has access to its server configurations can easily deploy mod_spdy, just like any other Apache module.

And that's all it takes, with mod_spdy up and running, any connection from a browser that supports SPDY as well will be carried over the improved protocol providing a significant speed boost.

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