Google's Revolutionary Knowledge Graph Is Rolling Out Around the World

Everyone will get access to the next-generation search feature

Google has announced, during a press event dedicated to its search engine, that the Knowledge Graph, the next big step in search which was introduced several weeks ago, is now becoming available to everyone around the world, for English-language searches.

The Knowledge Graph is the future of search as Google sees it. For the first time, the search engine understands the query and doesn't just see a bunch of words that it tries to match up to a page.

The Knowledge Graph adds context to search results. Already, Google "knows" about five million things, objects, places, concepts and so on. The important part is that it has identified about 3.5 billion connections between those objects.

But Google calls this "baby steps" and believes that search should be very much like the computer in Star Trek, able to understand exactly what you want and provide you with answers.

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