Google's Product Search Will Only Show Ads in Europe as Well

Google has switched to paid product placements in Google Shopping

Google has started expanding its paid shopping search engine to Europe, after introducing it in the US last year.

It's a big departure from the previous product, Google no longer indexes products for free, rather, those that want to get included have to pay, like they would for an ad.

"On February 13, Google Shopping results in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland and the Czech Republic began to transition to a new commercial experience built on Product Listing Ads," Google announced.

It's been a relatively controversial shift, but Google is moving ahead with it and has started retiring the old product search engine in several European countries, where it's now offering paid placement.

To spur companies to get into the new service, Google is running a promotion offering free credit to companies who set up product listing ad campaigns before April 12.

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