Google's OAuth 2.0 Playground is for Skittish Developers

It enables developers to play around with OAuth 2.0 and Google APIs without getting hurt

Google has been a big supporter of OAuth 2.0 and has introduced support for the authorization method for all of its web APIs earlier this year. Google recommends OAuth 2.0 over any other authorization method, but some developers still need convincing.

Which is where the newly launched OAuth 2.0 Playground comes in. The Playground enables developers to understand exactly how OAuth 2.0 works with the Google APIs without having to experiment with live code.

"OAuth 2.0 Playground... simplifies experimentation with the OAuth 2.0 protocol and APIs that use the protocol. Trying out some requests in the OAuth 2.0 playground can help you understand how the protocol functions and make life easier when the time comes to use OAuth in your own code," Google's Nicolas Garnier explains.

The Playground enables developers to knows what happens at every step and see the full HTTP requests and responses as they happen.

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