Google's New Year Doodle Was a Mashup of the Doodles in 2012, Can You Spot Them All

Google celebrated all of its doodles in one epic creation on New Year's Eve

There were 50 Google worldwide doodles last year, 50 days out of 365 when the Google logo was replaced with something else. The Olympic Games are to blame for the high number, but Google commemorated a lot of important people and moments with its doodles.

And then, in the very last doodle of the year, it commemorated all of them once again as the 2013 New Year's Eve doodle was a mashup of all or nearly all of the doodles of the year, from Ada Lovelace's birthday, through the Olympics to the Nicolas Steno doodle, the first of 2012.

It's tough to spot all of them, but they're all in there, the Little Red Riding Hood, Ahab from Moby Dick, Niels Bohr and his atomic model, the Moog synth, the goalie from the Olympic football game doodle, the Enterprise, Dracula and so on and so forth. In case you missed it when it first ran, here it is again in all its glory.

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