Google's New Logo Is Not Fake After All – Gallery

The new logo it seems is in fact just that, a new logo

Google may be getting a new logo after all. A refresh of the iconic logo was spotted in the source files of the Chrome Beta for Android app. But sources at Google said that the logo isn't new, it's just a version of the logo used mostly for print, and that it ended up in the Android app by mistake.

Turns out though, the new logo may in fact be just that, a new logo. The new flatter version has already been spotted in the wild, on the Google homepage. The logo can also be found at a location with a Google domain, indicating that it's legit.

In fact, while the company hasn't actually confirmed it's getting a new logo, it did say that it runs experiments all the time and that these experiments sometimes include the logo as well.


The new Google logo (2 Images)

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Gallery Image

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