Google's Latest Tips on How to Stay Secure Online, on Safer Internet Day

Google's "Good to Know" site has been updated with more info and new tips

Today is Safer Internet Day, the tenth edition and plenty of companies are using the occasion to tout their security or inform users.

Google is doing both with an updated Good to Know page which now includes more info and guides for staying secure online on Google and elsewhere.

"We’re updating Good to Know to include more tips and advice to help you protect yourself and your family from identity theft, scams and online fraud," Google explained.

"You can also learn how to make your computer or mobile device more secure, and get more out of the web—from searching more effectively to making calls from your computer," it added.

There is plenty of useful info in there, though there's plenty of propping up Google services and products as well. That said, Google generally does a good job at keeping your stuff secure and probably has the best protection among the big companies.

Google was the first to offer HTTPS connections by default in Gmail and also operates the Google safe browsing blacklist, used by its search engine, Chrome, Firefox and others to help users steer away from potentially dangerous sites.

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