Google's Larry Page Meets with the FTC to Discuss Antitrust Settlement

Google and the FTC have been talking for the past week

The standoff between the FTC and Google seems to be ending as the two sides are now engaged in settlement talks, as expected.

Google is said to be in talks with the FTC for about a week. This doesn't guarantee a settlement, as Google doesn't want to admit to any wrongdoing.

Any settlement could hardly be considered a win for the FTC without Google admitting guilt. CEO Larry Page is said to have met with FTC officials to discuss the matter, indicating that some resolution may be close.

As others have noted as well, unless the FTC has some unheard of evidence, it's case against Google's search practices is weak.

The FTC knows that which is why it wants a settlement, which could be spinned as a "win" of sorts, unlike going to court and losing.

Whatever the outcome, something will happen sooner or later, FTC chief Jon Leibowitz is set to depart from the agency by the year's end and he wants a big "win" to send him off. He's been one of the big promoters of the case against Google.

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