Google's Knowledge Graph Now Includes Drug Info

Things like side effects, instructions and links to more resources are included

Google is always cramming more information, beyond the classic 10 blue links, to its search results page. For good reason too, many queries can be answered directly without users having to visit another website for it.

The latest addition of this kind is an expansion of the Knowledge Graph box which now includes basic info about drugs, the kind you buy at a pharmacy.

"We’ll start showing key facts -- side effects, related medications, links to in-depth resources, and more -- right on the search results page," Google explains.

The data comes from a variety of trustworthy sources, Google lists the US FDA, the National Library of Medicine and the Department of Veterans Affairs, as examples.

The Knowledge Graph was designed to provide instant answers and key facts about various topics, but also to serve as a starting point for more information. That's the case here as the info box is packed with links to places to find out more about the drug and the ailments it's supposed to cure.

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