Google I/O 2013 Conference Live Coverage

A synopsys of Google's I/O Conference in San Francisco

Google's I/O Conference has begun in San Francisco. The company is expected to make many announcements in its three-hour long keynote today. 

Images with the updated Google Maps have already leaked online, but other products are also expected, such as a new streaming music service, as well as smartphones and tablets and a gaming service.

Ahead of the event, the company's stock surged to $900 (€700) for the first time ever as investors become more confident about the direction where Google is headed.

We will be bringing you the latest updates from the conference by providing you with a short description and links to in-depth coverage of each important announcement.

Update: So far, Google is keeping the discussion focused entirely on developers. It started with a few Android stats, there are now 900 million Android activations, but then dived right in by detailing some of the new Android APIs and introducing the Google Play Game Services.

Google has introduced 41 new features and improvements for Google+, the biggest being the stream of information.

Google has launched All Access, its app that wants to fight Spotify. Thus, the rumors regarding the company's music app have come true.

Google has just announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S4 will be sold through Google Play. The Android Jelly Bean powered phone will be sold for $649 starting June 26.

Google has also announced that it is making an effort to bring educative apps for school students to use on their tablets. Thus, it will launch Google Play for Education as soon as this fall.

Google+ Photos gets several new features that can save you a lot of time when you're loading and editing your images.

The next-generation messaging system was also announced. Previously known as “Babel”, the new Hangout is here with cross-platform compatibility, including Facebook.

Google Chrome hits 750 million monthly users, which is by far the most popular browser in the world at the moment.

It's now possible to talk to Google on Chrome, so you can search more easily for anything you want.

Google Maps’ makeover wasn’t exactly a secret, but the presentation during the conference put emphasis on all the cool new features.

Google Maps for Mobile get brand new features that enable users to have a better understanding of the places around you.

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