Google's Hurricane Sandy Crisis Map Provides Crucial Information

The map displays shelter information, storm location and a lot of other useful information

Hurricane Sandy hit the US eastern shore earlier and, while the worst is behind, the damage has been extensive. Already, estimates put it at the costliest natural disaster in US history. During these situations, information is the most valuable resource.

These days most people turn to the internet for information and Google's Crisis Response team put together the Hurricane Sandy map.

The map shows the current location of the hurricane, which has now been demoted to a post-tropical cyclone though this only means it no longer looks and acts like a hurricane, the winds haven't died down much.

The predicted path of the storm is also displayed. More importantly, the map also displays information like flood warnings, shelter locations and so on.

After the storm hit, power outage notifications were added as well. With many regions left without power, this is crucial information.

All of this works on mobile devices as well, which is especially useful precisely in the regions left without power.

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