Google’s Halloween Easter Egg, Bats Invade Search Results

Google is running a special search results page for Halloween queries

Google's running a not really scary haunted house doodle for Halloween, but if you though that's all it's doing, you're in for a surprise. Google regularly sprinkles Easter Eggs inside its search engine, especially for special occasions.

During the holidays, holiday-themed searches get a special results page complete with Christmas decoration.

For Halloween, Google is doing something a bit more spooky. Well, if cartoon bats are spooky to you. Chances are, they're not.

Do a search for any classic horror flick and there's a chance you'll spot the three bats hanging on to the Knowledge Graph box. If you get near them with your mouse, they'll fly away.

There could be other Halloween tricks Google is pulling on us, but it's going to be up to you to discover them. If you dare.

Bing is doing a special Halloween homepage as well, a lot scarier than Google's.

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