Google's Guided Tour to the Best Places in Japan During Cherry Blossom Season

Google Street View is a great way of visiting any place on Earth

Google Street View is a great way of checking out any place in the world, but that's a problem in itself, with the whole world available, where do you start? This is where Google's curated tours come in.

If you're heading to Japan any time soon, or maybe always wanted to visit but never gotten around to, this is your chance as Google has put together tours for several popular locations that look spectacular during the cherry blossom season, or sakura season, which is coming up.

"Working with the Japan Tourism Agency and Japan National Tourism Organization, we figured out the most popular tourist spots for foreign travelers and listed them on our guide," Google explained.

There are guides for eight areas, Ginza, Asakusa, Akihabara, Tsukji, Kamakura, Fuji spots, Kyoto and Osaka. In each place, you get a long list of places to see, places to eat and places to shop.

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