Google's Guide to a Perfect Thanksgiving – All by Using More of Google, of Course

Google's got a special page full of tips on how you can use its services today

While Google's Thanksgiving doodle is simple and to the point, don't think Google is missing out on this altogether. In fact, it's got an entire website dedicated to the American holiday.

Well, specifically, to how you can use more of Google on the few days of the year when you spend less time online and more time talking to people in front of you.

Speaking of which, there’s something Google can help you with – if you can't bring anyone together to the same place, there's always Google+ Hangouts, perfect for this occasion.

But if you do want to meet face to face, chances are you'll have to fly home. Given that Thanksgiving is the busiest flight day in the US, it's safe to say Google's flight search tool could come in handy.

Google's got a few tips for those staying at home as well, like using the recipe search engine or learning some new tricks from YouTube.

Obviously, this is all very much a promotional tool, but it doesn't mean it can't be useful. At the same time, it also shows that Google is more interested than ever in actually promoting its services, rather than just building them and waiting for the people to come, like it did no so many years ago.

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