Google's Flight Search Now Optimized for Tablets

The travel search engine is now optimized for touch and tablet use

Google is continuing to improve its flight search engine, which it introduced after it acquired ITA Software, this time with a tablet-oriented version of the search widget and dedicated search page.

Desktop users have already been able to make use of Google's advanced flight search engine and there's a mobile version as well, for smartphones. Google is now debuting a version optimized for tablets.

"We’ve optimized our Flight Search experience for those who prefer to search with a tablet, such as a Nexus 7 or an iPad," Google writes.

"With the touch of your finger, you can easily explore places to visit on the map and see prices updated in real-time for each destination," it adds.

Google says that 46 percent of those that search for a flight on their tablets end up paying for the fare on their tablets as well. It make sense then to make it easier for them to both search for flights and buy the tickets from their couch without them having to go to their laptop for the final steps.

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