Google's Flight Search Is Now a Lot More Flexible on Destinations

You can enter a general destination rather than a specific airport now

Google's Flight Search tool may have had a rough start, thanks to the government taking its sweet time to approve the ITA acquisition, the company responsible for the technology behind the tool, but it is developing nicely now.

Google is adding more features all the time, the latest being a rather useful one, you can now search for flights using just the destination not the actual airport you want to arrive at.

It may not make much of a difference in most cases, but there are plenty of places with more than one airport serving them. The ability to see all flights to all airports nearby is quite useful in those cases.

"Instead of checking prices to Kailua-Kona or Kahului, you could type 'Hawaii' into Flight Search. Live prices would then appear on the map, so you can quickly compare the cost of the different options," Google provides an example.

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