Google's First Two Holiday Doodles Are from the Land of Toys

More doodles should be landing on New Year's Eve or sooner

Google has kicked off the holiday doodle season with a couple of creations on Christmas day and Christmas eve. In keeping with the day they landed on, the doodles show scenes from the "Land of Toys," a place filled with, surprisingly, toys of any kind.

They don't look much like the toys you see these days in stores, but they probably make for a more atmospheric doodle.

These are the first two doodles in the holiday series, though Google is not running any new ones now, so it's probably going to take until New Year's to see a new doodle.

Last year, Google ran an animated Christmas lights doodle, but this year's creations are an improvement. Google also ran a doodle showing the Google letters partying their hats off on New Year's Eve and a doodle showing the same letters and their 2012 resolutions.


Holiday 2013 doodles (2 Images)

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