Google's Chromecast Already Out of Stock for Some Sellers

Amazon and the Google Play Store are out of devices, while BestBuy still sells them

Although the Chromecast has only just been launched, there’s already a long waiting list for the device.

According to new reports, the Chromecast is already out of stock on both Amazon and Google Play store. Those interested in the device have to wait up to three or four weeks until they get the shipment.

BestBuy, however, seems to have plenty of devices left and they’re still shipping the Chromecast for free. It remains to be seen how fast they are go out of stock, but so far so good.

The device costs $35 (€26.5), a price that is accessible for most users.

Chromecast is Google’s new devices that seeks to bridge the gap between mobile devices and televisions or other large screens.

The stick-like gadget can be mounted in an HDMI slot and it facilitates the transmission of data from your mobile devices to the TV, including Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as well as from the Chrome web browser.

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