Google's Arthur Schopenhauer and Edward Gorey Doodles

Google is running a couple of doodles at the same time, in different countries

Google is very serious about doodles these days, a new one comes out quite frequently and some of them are quite elaborate. Another trend is that Google is creating more and localized doodles.

It's been celebrating national days for a while, as well as noted people sometimes, and it seems to be doing more of that lately.

It's now running two doodles at a time, one celebrating the famous German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, running in Germany and possible other countries, and one celebrating author and illustrator Edward Gorey, in English-speaking countries.

The doodle for Schopenhauer, best known for his theories on will, shows him walking one of his poodles, he had a succession of them all named Atman and Butz. The Edward Gorey doodle is made up of several illustrations done in his iconic style.

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