Google's Alternate Reality Game Gets Player Detained by Police

The game requires you to hang around various locations sometimes at odd hours

Google is still home to some experimental projects, one of the most interesting is the Niantic Project, or Ingress as the app is called. It's an alternate reality game that's been slowly uncovered over the past month under the guise of a global conspiracy.

The game requires users to lurk around certain locations with their phones and "hack" the portals there. Essentially, it's a "control point" game played in the real world.

The idea behind it is to get people to go outside and visit places they normally wouldn't. However, it is a bit tricky for users as sometimes those are near airports, police stations and other places where lurking about, fiddling with your phone may be seen as suspicious.

In fact, one player got arrested, detained technically, after trying to "hack" a location near a police station. The cops found his behavior suspicious and took him in for questioning.

Granted, this is all coming from a Reddit user so, you know, grain of salt. He was let go, but he's not the only one to get in trouble with the police over the game.

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