Google's 3D Maps Feature Melting Buldings in Manhattan

The company is still working on tuning their new 3D maps

At Google’s I/O Conference last week, Larry Page made a jab at Apple’s map-related failure last year, advising iPhone users to download the Google Maps app from the Store.

Now, it looks like Google isn’t doing that much better with its brand new 3D features as the buildings appear to be melting in downtown New York, as AppleInsider reports.

The new features require a modern PC that runs a powerful web browser that supports WebGL, which means that users can view the new maps by using Chrome or Firefox on their computer.

While Google has long since been an ace at 2D mapping, it looks like the added dimension is raising problems for the Internet giant.

However, if you want to check out Manhattan, you can view roads turned into waterfallls, parked cars on the side of a building and melting skyscrapers.

The new features are only open via invitation so far, so Google is still working on fine-tuning them.

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