Google's 2013 Martin Luther King Doodle

Google is running the doodle in the US alone, but you can check it out here

Coincidentally or not, the 2013 presidential inauguration in the US falls on Dr. Martin Luther King Day, also in the US. Regardless, Google is celebrating the occasion, Dr. Martin Luther King Day that is, not the inauguration, with a now traditional doodle.

Google has run a doodle celebrating this day each year since 2006 and in several years before that.

This year's doodle is relatively simple, but striking as well, in its bold design. It's one of the best looking doodles to date.

It's only displayed in the US of course, but you can check it out above if you're from anywhere in the rest of the world.

You can also check out the past doodles marking the occasion, all of them going back to 2003, on Google's dedicated Doodles site.

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