Google "Dying Grandparents" Get a Bunch of Christina Aguilera Photos

A Google Image Search is going viral again, last time it was Mitt Romney

There's plenty of fun to be had with Google Image Search, more so than with any of its other search tools, maybe because it can so easily go so horribly wrong, wrong and funny.

Earlier in the year, the search for "completely wrong" made the rounds. Using that query on Google Image Search results in a bunch of photos of US presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The pairing was unintentional, but the irony is still funny. Now, the same is happening to Christina Aguilera.

Do a search for "dying grandparents" and you'll uncover a bunch of photos of the diva.

It's a strange result to be sure and it may seem like an obvious failing of Google Search. And it may actually be, if not a failing a limitation.

Google Search is actually working as intended, an article in the Huffington Post was titled "Christina Aguilera Snubs Dying Grandparents, Says Estranged Uncle."

The algorithm saw the connection between the photos and the phrase and ran away with it.

However, Google is working on fixing things like this, once the knowledge graph becomes powerful enough it will start understanding the meaning behind words, not just the sometimes random connections.

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