Google "Completely Wrong," Get Inundated with Romney Images

Google has some interesting image results for the query

Google doesn't get too much involved in politics, it's not good for business, but it's safe to say everyone knows the company is leaning towards the Democrat side rather than the Republican. And if Google got a vote, it would vote for Obama.

That said, it's hard to think Google would be so much against Romney that it would show it in search results. Still, it's hard to explain the results for "completely wrong" which feature presidential candidate Mitt Romney overwhelmingly.

You can try it yourself, just do the search and switch to the Images tab. On the contrary, doing a search for "completely right" actually retrieves a couple of images of Obama.

The funny thing is that there's probably nothing nefarious going on. Romney just likes to use "completely wrong" along, talking about Obama of course, and Google associated news articles containing the words and his photos, with the query.

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