Google in New Antitrust Investigation in Brazil Reuters

Once more, Google gets investigated by antitrust watchdogs

Google is once more being investigated for anticompetitive practices, but this time it’s not in the United States or the European Union, but in Brazil.

Brazilian antitrust watchdog Cade announced that it was looking into accusations that Google has used rivals’ content unfairly, discouraged advertisers and favored its own product listings in search results, Reuters reports.

Google said that it was willing to cooperate with the Brazilian regulators.

Microsoft is the company that filed a complaint against Google for obstructing advertising campaigns across multiple search engines to give an advantage to AdWords, Google’s main source of ad dollars, making up some 95 percent of revenue.

Microsoft wasn’t alone in complaining about Google, however, but also comparison shopping sites Buscapé and Bondfardo, who accused Google of reproducing product reviews from their users.

Brazilian authorities were already looking into companies such as Google and Facebook following the NSA reports of the past four months and particularly the fact that the American intelligence agency was focusing on the country.

As mentioned, Google has had similar problems with authorities in the United States and the European Union.

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