Google Glass Won't Come to Europe for Several More Years

The device is set for launch in the US sometime next year

No one knows exactly when exactly Glass is going to become available to the general public, but we can tell you when it's not coming. Glass won't be launched anywhere this year and won't come out of the US for years to come.

Google plans to launch the device in its home market sometime next year, pending some issues, but Europe and the rest of the world have several more years to wait before being able to buy the device.

The problem, according to a couple of reports noticed by Marketing Land, is two-fold. For one, privacy remains an issue, particularly in Europe.

Glass doesn't inherently raise any new privacy concerns compared to a smartphone, or at least it shouldn't, but the idea of an easily accessible always-ready camera spooks most people.

But the biggest issue has to do with accents and languages. Since Glass relies heavily on voice commands, Google won't be launching the device in a country where its voice recognition software isn't up to par.

Glass works well with US English, for the most part, but it would have problems understanding other languages well enough for voice commands to be useful as the main interaction method with the device.

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