Google Will Issue Alerts for Tsunamis and Earthquakes in Japan

The Public Alerts service will direct people to pages with useful info

Google has had a team on call ready to respond to disasters around the world for a few years now. The team put together tools which proved useful in times of crisis, like one which enabled people to locate friends and family.

Now, Google is moving towards a more permanent and preventive solution with the launch of Public Alerts for Japan. The tool will make it easy for people to find info and help in a time of crisis.

"Relevant earthquake and tsunami warnings for Japan will now appear on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Now when you search online during a time of crisis," Google explained.

"If a major earthquake alert is issued in Kanagawa Prefecture, for example, the alert information will appear on your desktop and mobile screens when you search for relevant information on Google Search and Google Maps," it added.

Google will provide links to resources crucial in situations like these, for example to the page by the Japan Meteorological Agency describing the warning, during a tsunami.


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