Google WiFi App Could Automatically Connect You to Free Internet Hotspots

The app is only a project at the moment, but Google is apparently already testing it

Google is reportedly working on a new app that can automatically connect users to free public WiFi spots. The tool would work with both Android and iOS devices.

Engadget reports that the app would automatically authenticate users, bypassing the “agree to terms” prompt that people most often get when trying to visit various webpages and services.

Since free WiFi hotspots aren’t that many, Google is also planning to roll out free WiFi to even more locations across the United States and Canada, after spreading such hotspots all over San Francisco.

Considering just how much data plans cost, connecting to WiFi while on the go can end up saving everyone a lot of money.

Sources say that Google is currently testing out the app internally and before you get excited, remember that it’s not even 100 percent certain that the app will see the light of day.

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