Google Wants to Invest in a Subsea Cable [WSJ]

Google is looking towards Japan for this new cable

Google is reportedly considering to make a huge new investment in an Internet cable across the Pacific Ocean.

According to the Wall Street Journal, who quotes unnamed sources familiar with the matter, the decision comes as the company’s traffic across private networks continues to grow.

The step would actually give Google, as well as any other company it would partner with, some more control over the quality and prioritization of their traffic long before it reaches consumers. The new cable would connect the company’s data centers in Japan.

This wouldn’t be the first time Google takes such a step, however, since the company another stake in a 2010 cable worth $300 million which was purchased by the Internet giant alongside other telcos.

The types of private networks Google is hoping to improve are those dedicated to home access, as well as office and businesses, providing an additional layer of security since they cannot be accessed by devices outside the network.

The publication mentions that a good part of Google’s bandwidth is reserved for its private “B4” network, which transports emails, YouTube videos and other types of traffic between the company’s data centers. “B4” reportedly already handles more traffic than the one Google uses for the general public to send back search results or videos.

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