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Google has several private jets ready for its top execs

Unlike most billionaires, Google's owners don't seem too keen on living the big life. Granted, that's true of most Silicon Valley billionaires. However, there's one perk that tech billionaires have allowed themselves, private jets.

Steve Jobs had one at his disposal and Google has an entire fleet ready to carry top execs to anywhere in the world they need to be.

Having private jets isn't that big of a deal for a large company, having your own airport on the other hand is another matter. Google has been using a NASA airport, Moffett Field, somewhat close to the company's headquarters, the Googleplex.

In fact, NASA has installed scientific equipment on Google's large 767-200 jet, as part of the lease deal. But it seems that's not enough anymore for Google.

Signature Aviation, a large private aviation company, and Blue City Holdings, the company administering Google's jets, want to build a new airport near the current San Jose facilities in a $82 million deal.

The new airport would include a terminal, hangars and ramp space big enough to house the largest business jets, for which the Google plane certainly qualifies.


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