Google UK Celebrates St. George's Day with Vintage Doodle

The doodle is only shown on the UK version of the search engine

Google is celebrating Saint George's Day with a dedicated doodle in the UK. As you'd expect, the doodle depicts said St. George doing the deed he's most famous for, slaying a dragon, or at least trying to.

St. George is the patron saint of England and is celebrated each year on April 23. On this day, tradition says Britons have to wear a red rose.

While St. George probably never visited England and very likely didn't slay any dragons, mostly on account of the fact that they don't exist, he is remembered and celebrated as a Christian martyr.

His cross is adorned on the English flag and is a part of the Union Flag of the United Kingdom.

The Google doodle mimics the old style of the hand painted books, the ones that popularized the story with the dragon.

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