Google Type – Ransom Letters for the Modern Age

The tool generates letters from Google image searches

With the advent of web fonts, there's no excuse for not finding an interesting font for your site, document, or whatever it is you want to put together.

But if you're looking for something more unique than embeddable web fonts, or have a longing for Geocities, you can try out Google Type.

Despite the name, Google Type has nothing to do with Google, it's not an official product, but it does rely on Google Images.

Specifically, you can spell out any word with letters captured from Google images, sort of like you would use newspaper clippings when ransoming someone, if you lived in an 1980's movie.

Still, it’s an interesting and fun little project. You should also enjoy it while it lasts, since the name "Google Type" and especially the domain "" aren't going to go down well with the real Google.

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