Google Turns 15, Posts Addictive Doodle

Whack a pinata in honor of Google's 15th birthday

Google is turning 15 and it’s not going to party on its own. The company has decorated its home page with a cool, interactive doodle.

Like many others along the years, this one is certainly going to launch many office wars to see who can get the biggest score.

The search engine lets you whack a piñata by tapping the space bar (alternatively, you can also click on the stick figures in the right top corner).

By timing your swings correctly, more candy drops and it adds to the score. The player is a blue “g,” while the other letters from the Google name are also attending the party, bouncing in their spots.

The anniversary Doodle is particularly fun to play with and it’s very different than others posted over the past several months.

What's your best score?

Update: Here, have another go at the game. 

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