Google Translate, Gmail, Chrome Get Even More Multilingual with New Input Tools

It's now easier than ever to type in any language from a standard keyboard

Google Translate is a great tool, despite its limitations, and with 65 languages supported, the number of possible translations is staggering. That said, the best translation tool in the world doesn't mean much if you can't type the things you want translated.

In that sense, Google Translate is now getting a huge update in the input department. There are now a lot more input methods which should accommodate a lot more languages than was possible before.

"We believe that your choice of input tools is important, because the best way to input text with a keyboard varies from language to language, and even from person to person. Every language has its own set of popular input methods, each familiar to its own subset of users," Google explained.

Any language that doesn't have the standard set of characters on a US keyboard, which would be pretty much any language outside of English, gets a virtual keyboard with several layouts, to make sure the one people are the most accustomed to is in there.

The new input tools were designed with Translate in mind, but since they're used on a number of Google products, they all benefit from the upgrade, Gmail, Drive, the search engine, even in Chrome and Android.

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