Google Thinks Every Site Is Lorem Ipsum

By searching for the right things, Google displays batches of Lorem Ipsum

Google seems to think that every site in its search results pages is Lorem ipsum, the famous placeholder text in Latin that’s used to demonstrate the graphic elements of a document.

Whether this is a bug or one of Google’s Easter Eggs, it remains to be seen, but the fact remains – the entire page turns into Lorem ipsum if you use the right query.

To check this out, you simply have to search for “Consectetur” followed by the name of a site. For instance, I tried out “Consectetur Softpedia” to see what Google would return.

For those of you who don’t know, “Consectetur” is one of the words appearing early in the Lorem ipsum text, which comes from “consector,” meaning “to follow, pursue.” Using it alongside another word on Google will turn your entire page into the model text.

In fact, this works with other words from the Lorem ipsum phrase as well, so you can have plenty of fun with it if you want.

All the search results appear as normal, with proper titles and links, followed by a few words about the site and then, Lorem ipsum phrases everywhere, as you can see below. The same happens if you look for “Consectetur Google” for instance and any other word I tried this with.

It’s rather unclear if this is just another Google Easter egg hidden inside the site, waiting to be found, or whether it’s a bug that is causing these insane results.


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